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1. 09-(A)-Proforma flexural strength test of C.C. beams. 
2. 09-Proforma cement concrete cube test. 
3. 10-Proforma for flakiness index of stone aggregate. 
4. 11- Proforma test report of flakiness index. 
5. 12-Proforma aggregate impact test. 
6. 13-Proforma abrasion test for aggregates. 
7. 14-Proforma for sieve analysis of fine aggregate coarse aggregate. 
8. 15(i)-Test report of sieve analysis. 
9. 15(ii)-Test report of sieve analysis. 
10. 15(iii)-Test report of sieve analysis of fine and coarse aggregate. 
11. 15(iv)-Test report of sieve analysis. 
12. 16-Proforma for silt content test. 
13. 17-Proforma compressive strength of bricks test. 
14. 18-Proforma for water absorption test for bricks. 
15. 19-Proforma for efflorscence test of bricks and brick tiles. 
16. 20-Proforma for wet transverse strength of cc tiles. 
17. 21-Proforma for water absorption test for c.c.tiles. 
18. 22-Proforma for load test for manhole and gully grating cover with frame. 
19. 23-Proforma for “resistance to wear” for c.c.tiles. 
20. 24-Proforma for modulus of rupture of ceramic glazed tiles. 
21. 25-Proforma for water absorption test for ceramic glazed tiles. 
22. 26-Proforma for crazing test of ceramic glazed tiles. 
23. 27-(a)-Proforma for density test of Bituminous mix core. 
24. 27-(b)Density test results of bituminous mix core. 
25. 27-Bulk/field density test results of Bituminous concrete. 
26. 28(a)-Proforma for Bitumen Extraction and Sieve Analysis test. 
27. 28(b)-Test report of Bitumen Extraction and Gradation. 
28. 28(c) Test report of bitumen extraction test. 
29. 29-Proforma for Glue Adhesion test of Wooden Flush Door Shutters. 
30. 30(i)-Proforma for Knife Test of Wooden Flush Door Shutters. 
31. 30(ii)-Proforma for End Emersion Test of Wooden Flush Door Shutters. 
32. 31-Proforma moisture Content of Timber. 
33. 32-Proforma compressive Strength of C.C. Kerb Stone. 
34. 33- Proforma compressive Strength of C.C. Interlocking / Grass Pavers. 
35. 34-Proforma compressive Strength of C.C. Slabs. 
36. 35-Proforma for Water Absorption test for Stone/Stone Aggregate/C.C. Prefeb Items. 
37. 38 Profrrma for hardness number of mastic asphaltic concrete. 
38. Proforma aggregate Crushing Value 12-A. 
39. Proforma bulk Density for vitrified tiles. 
40. Proforma chemical resistance test of vitrified floor tiles. 
41. Proforma for chemical ressistance test of ceramic glazed tiles. 
42. Specific gravity for stone aggregate, granite stone and marble stone.