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Tender/RFP/RFQ Doc Issue
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EMD(Rs.)Doc Price(Rs.)Tender/RFP/RFQ Submission DateTender/RFP/RFQ Opening Date
1 2020_NDMC_195512_1 CHIEF ENGINEERING CIVIL - ISub:- Operation and comprehensive maintenance of Mechanical Road sweepers for cleaning of main roads in NDMC area.13-OCT-2005-NOV-204005389013-OCT-2005-NOV-20
2 2020_NDMC_195759_1 dated 19.10.2020 CHIEF ENGINEERING CIVIL - ISupply and Installation of Underground waste collection system suitable to lift through Refuse compactor vehicle without crane by using smart bin system for collection of Municipal dry/wet waste at various locations in NDMC Area19-OCT-2005-NOV-20760378019-OCT-2005-NOV-20
3 D-386-351988-SE-Power POWERRFP for appointment of Consultant for filling Tariff Petition for 3 financial years & Business Plan for ensuring Control Period in DERC19-OCT-2006-NOV-2071510006-NOV-2006-NOV-20
4 2020_NDMC_195955_1 MEDICAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT Procurement of PHACOEMULSIFICATION MACHINE for Charak Palika Hospital, Moti Bagh with five years warranty and CAMC for five years after warranty period of five years23-OCT-2010-NOV-20182000023-OCT-2010-NOV-20
5 QCM-01-EE-Commercial COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENTProcurement of LT CT sets of various ratio23-OCT-2003-NOV-200003-NOV-2003-NOV-20
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