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Tender Notice No.Dept NameName of WorkTender/RFP/RFQ Doc Issue Start DateTender/RFP/RFQ Doc Issue End DateEMD(Rs.)Doc Price(Rs.)Tender/RFP/RFQ Submission DateTender/RFP/RFQ Opening Date
2019_NDMC_167841_1 MEDICAL SERVICES DEPARTMENTProcurement of 01 No. Three parts Differential Fully Automated Haematology Analyzer for Chest Clinic, New Delhi07-FEB-1926-FEB-1916000026-FEB-1926-FEB-19
02/DDH-VI/2018-19 HORTICULTURE DEPARTMENTRequest for Proposal for Tree Census in NDMC area. 08-FEB-1922-FEB-19105000500022-FEB-1922-FEB-19
RFP No.01/EE(SP)/2018-19 CHIEF ENGINEERING CIVIL - IRFP for HYBRID ANNUITY Project to develop 20 to 70 KLD capacity ETP’s (05 Nos.) at different locations in NDMC area & run for 5 years14-FEB-1925-FEB-19200000014-FEB-1925-FEB-19
2019_NDMC_167619_1 MEDICAL SERVICES DEPARTMENTProcurement of Cotton Bandage and Dressing Materials for the year 2018-1905-FEB-1921-FEB-1927620021-FEB-1921-FEB-19
QCM-21-AA-M-N-I-2018-19-EE-E-M-N ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT(I I)-CERequirement of HS type St. Th. joint boxes Pilca cable 70mm2/3C and 300mm2/3C for repairing of 11 KV faulty HT cables in M/N -I area18-FEB-1922-FEB-190022-FEB-1922-FEB-19
2019_NDMC_167695_1 MEDICAL SERVICES DEPARTMENTProcurement of Lab. Chemical for the year 2018-1906-FEB-1925-FEB-1915607025-FEB-1925-FEB-19
2019_NDMC_167956_1 EDUCATION DEPARTMENTInvitation of Request for proposal for Engagement of Non Government Organizations (NGOs) / Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) for Setting up of Semi Automated Kitchen at Navyug School Sarojini Nagar for preparing and serving freshly cooked Mid-Day-Meal15-FEB-1925-FEB-19480000500025-FEB-1925-FEB-19
2019_NDMC_168184_1 CHIEF ENGINEERING CIVIL - ISelection of a Concessionaire for supply installation and maintenance of 625 Nos. Smart Street light Poles having provisions of Wi-Fi Smart Warm LED Street Light CCTV camera and environmental sensors Phase II in NDMC area11-FEB-1928-FEB-19100000002500028-FEB-1928-FEB-19
NIT No.36/EE(SM)/2018-19 CHIEF ENGINEERING CIVIL - IT/M of sewer line in NDMC area during 2018-19. 13-FEB-1922-FEB-199455013-FEB-1922-FEB-19
2019_NDMC_168528_1 CHIEF ENGINEERING CIVIL - IEngagement of Concessionaire for Design Built Operate and Maintain Public e scooter sharing system in NDMC Area.13-FEB-1901-MAR-1920000001000001-MAR-1901-MAR-19
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