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  • IT Department is making continuous efforts towards computerization of all departments and its online services to reduce human interface and delivery time.
  • Provide transparency, accountability, responsiveness and monitoring/ MIS for better services to its citizens.
  • Eliminate inefficiencies from operations, reduce costs, maximize the output and reliability.



    Online Services:-

    • Electricity and water connection applications
    • Baratghar Booking
    • Online Birth & Death Certificate Printing
    • Online Appointment for Yellow Fever Vaccination
    • Property Tax
    • Vendor payment status
    • Printing of various forms
    • Hospital data of Birth & Death
    • Online Building Plan Approval
    • Unauthorized construction complaints
    • General Complaints and grievances
    • e-payments for Electricity, Water and Tax bills

    Operational Automation Systems for Electricity and Water Bill:-

    To serve its customers better, NDMC have to have end to end integrated IT system in place to comply with regulatory reporting requirements and operations like Availability Based Tariff (ABT), Energy exchange and to meet the DERC requirements. IT Solutions for NDMC are proposed to eliminate inefficiencies from operations, so that NDMC can reduce costs and maximize the output and reliability of assets going forward. IT department, NDMC has awarded the work for implementation of Operational Automation Systems for Power, Commercial, Electricity and Other Departments of NDMC. The major modules of the project are given as under:-

    • Asset Management System
    • Meter Data Management
    • Load Analysis System
    • Energy Accounting System
    • Forecast system
    • Profile and settlement system (ABT)
    • Billing and customer Care system
    • Electric Network Management system
    • Mobile Work Force Management System

    Automation of NDMC Utilities:-

    • CC& B: Customer Care and Billing handles every aspect of utility Services like:
      • Electricity
      • Water
      • Property Tax
      • License
    • MWM: Mobile Workforce Management is an integrated, end-to-end solution that improves communication between operations and field-personnel optimizing the entire service chain.

    • MDM: MDM (Meter Data Management) modules provide different functionality to manage meter read data for Electricity & water Consumers.

    • WAM: Work and Asset Management is a leading asset , work, and supply chain management application that addresses many mission-critical functions for Electricity & Information Technologies Department.

    Automation of NDMC Utilities:-

    • 2282 acres of NDMC area covered under the Road and Street Survey project

    • All visible assets like trees, manholes, street lights, storm water drain, bollards, signages, transformers, feeder pillars etc are put on GIS platform through a unique coding system.

    Digitization of Maps and Building Plans of Architect Departments : -

    • Continuous process of scanning of Building Plans , maps of the architect department in Scanning Unit , Basement , Palika Kendra

    Digitization of Old Proceedings of PR Department :-

    • The Process has been started for scanning of Old Proceedings of council meetings since 1931.

    Digitization of Old Records of Finance Department.

    Computerization of old Birth & Death records:- The old Birth & Death records (approx. 9 Lacs) from 1982 to 2008 have been computerized for Health Department. The computerization of old Birth & Death records (approx. 11 Lacs) from 1928 to 1981 is under progress. Twelve hospitals are connected online with NDMC and submitting online B&D records.

    Implementation of e-SLA System for NDMC: - 
    Following Services runs under Service Level Agreement:

      Sr. No. Service Name Department Name Time Given by Govt. for delivery
      1. Issuance of Birth Certificate Health 7 working days
      2. Issuance of Death Certificate Health 7 working days
      3. Booking of Parks Welfare 30 days
      4. Booking of Community Halls Welfare 1 day
      5. New Electricity Connection (domestic) Commercial 35 days
      6. New Water Connection (domestic) Commercial 35 days
      7. Building Plan Approval Architect 60 days
      8. Health License Health 60 days
      9. Surrender of supply of Electricity connection(domestic) Electrical 35 days
      10. Bifurcation of Load Electrical 35 days
      11. Load Enhancement of Electricity Connection (upto 10kw) Electrical 35 days
      12. Load reduction of Electricity Connection (domestic) Electrical 35 days

    Online Hospital for Birth and Death Registration For Hospitals:-

    • Information available on NDMC website regarding process and procedures, centers for application submissions, application forms affidavit format.

    • Hospital submit their birth & death data to NDMC on Centralized Server.

    • 12 Hospitals are connected through online system for Registration.

    • Software Application has been implemented successfully and hospitals are providing one free copy of Birth/Death certificate to the citizens.

    Mobile Apps (NDMC 311) For Citizens for Attending field complaints & Found Whats Near Me:-

    • Mobile apps for citizen grievance management system for android and IOS users.

    • Application available on Google Play.

    • Citizen can lodge complaints of road damage, garbage, water logging, fire, sewerage maintenance etc.

    Call Centre (Toll Free Number - 1533):-

    • Available 24x7

    • Handling customer queries, complaint and feedback calls in Hindi and English.

    • Tagging each call in the CRM.

    • Acknowledgment and respective response through net/SMS and outbound calls.

    • Three shifts.

    Building Approval Plan: - The Architecture of adopted solution must support implementation of end-to-end business processes as per the requirement of NDMC. Main Benefits that NDMC expects from the proposed system are:

    • Applicants who seek permission or approval from NDMC for a building plan approval will be able to do so in a transparent and convenient way.

    • The system will speed up the procedure of receiving and approving building plans

    • The information of the pending application at each stage will be available through the system

    • It will guide the applicant about the regulations and generate scrutiny reports

    • An automated system will associate documental data with Building drawings for automatic scrutiny of building proposal by reading AutoCAD® drawings. It will automate the lengthy and cumbersome manual process of checking the development regulations, thus reducing paper work, valuable time and effort of Architect Department of NDMC. It will also help in attaining the e-Governance by supplying all electronic versions of the documents and in standardizing the building drawing plan process.

    • The system will read AutoCAD® drawings and produce scrutiny reports by mapping all the development control rules of the NDMC to the drawing entities. This will reduce occurrence of manual errors during scrutiny

    • It will include automation of the processes i.e. proposal file movement followed for approval of architectural plans. Application will help efficient management and approval of the drawings. It will also help in attaining standardization and hence transparency in the total process of building permission.

    Network and Data Center: - The Architecture of adopted solution must support implementation of end-to-end business processes as per the requirement of NDMC. Main Benefits that NDMC expects from the proposed system are: NDMC is having enterprise network which is the backbone for communication and that helps to connect computers and related devices across departments, CFC’s and Remote Offices for facilitating insight and services with ease to the Citizens of NDMC. Data Centre of NDMC is having State of Art enterprise networking solutions i.e Core Switches, Firewalls and Layer-2 Switches which are providing uninterrupted online facilities to Citizens of NDMC. The NDMC’s network is designed and configured to deliver high performance and reliability to meet the needs of the operations while providing a high degree of access controls and range of privilege restrictions List of Citizen Facilitation Centres Connected with Headquarter (Palika Kendra) for Electricity and Water Bill Payments and Birth & Death Certificates

    Location Purpose
    Babar Road Electricity & Water Bill Payment
    Mandir Marg Registrar Office, Birth & Death Certificates
    SBS Place Electricity & Water Bill Payment Birth & Death Certificates
    R.K. Puram Electricity & Water Bill Payment Birth & Death Certificates
    Charak Palika Hospital Medical Facilities
    Palika Maternity Hospital Medical Facilities
    Kidwai Nagar Electricity & Water Bill Payment
    Kaka Nagar Electricity & Water Bill Payment
    Sarojini Nagar Electricity & Water Bill Payment
    Nirman Bhawan Electricity & Water Bill Payment
    Parliament Anexxe Electricity & Water Bill Payment
    Pragati Bhawan Intra Office
    Vidyut Bhawan Intra Office

    Projects Under Implementation:-

    • Bio-Metric Based Attendance System.

    • Hospital Information System.

    • Human Resource Management System.

    • Back-to-Back Network Connectivity for all CFC centres and Remote Locations.

    • E-Office