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Guidelines for preventions of defacement of property during elections to the Delhi University students union and college students union of the university of Delhi

The contesting candidates that the category wise color code of ballot papers for Town Vending Committee, Elections of New Delhi Municipal Council to be held on 31.08.2018 at Navyug School, Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi-110023.

Final list of contesting candidates for first town vending committee, elections, New Delhi Municipal Council..

List of candidates for election of member of First Town Vending Committee, NDMC-2018 after scrtiny on 21.08.2018 (1700 hours).

Corrigendum TVC-II Public Notice: regarding date of withdrawal of nominationss for first Town Vending Committee for New Delhi Municipal Council.

Corrigendum TVC-I Public Notice: Town Vending Committee (Election) that the scrutiny of nomination will be held at 21st Aug 2018 from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM in the office of RO.

Public Notice regarding the schedule for election of Members of first Town Vending Committee

Management of Parking in NDMC area

हिंदी में टी.वी.सी. चुनाव प्रक्रिया और नामांकन फॉर्म

Application Procedures

Advertisement Tax Charges &
Booking Of Parks

Street Vendore/Hawkers List

Citizens Responsibilities

Stalls & Taxi Stands

Detail of Parking Lots in NDMC Area

Details of Thareja Verified Squatters

NIT of Parking

Parking Facilities

List of Unauthorised Squtters for Allotment of Spaces on Lottery Basis as per Direction of THE HON'BLE SUPREME COURT OF INDIA Dated 01-05-2012

Zone wise list of available spaces of size 4' X 6'for allotment.

Number of Working Days of Contractual Emplyees Working in M/S Branch (Enforcement Department)

Notice Regarding Bhola Ram Patel Vs New Delhi Municipal Council and Other connected LPAs

Minutes of the First Meeting of the Town Vending Committee (TVC) dated 17.06.2016.

Auction Notice: Auction of unclaimed articles/goods seized under section 226 of NDMC Act, 1994, Try cycles, Cycles, Passenger rickshaws, Cartage rickshaws, four wheel rehires, Iron Rehires, Cold Drink Trollies, Water Trollies, Ice Cream Trollies, Burger Trollies, Steel/Iron/Wooden and PVC Scrap, stoves, burners, utensils, gas cylinders, electronic items, Readymade garments, Hoardings and other Misc. Items etc. “as is where basis”.

The Enforcement Department deals with removal of unauthorized encroachment on the NDMC/Public land/foothpath in its area. It removes unauthorised vendors/squatters and unauthorised jhuggies. In addition to this, hoarding, banners, cycle-rickshaws and unauthorised parking of vehicles on municipal land/footpath are also removed.

The allotments/renewal/transfer in respect of stalls, pan tharas, vegetable tharas, mochi, tharas, cycle repair tharas, telephone booths, taxi booths, barber shops and press tharas, etc. are regulated in terms of NDMC approved policies and the Act and Rules inforce.The allotments made as rehabilitation measure on tehbazari basis are now regulated as per “The Street Vendor (Protection of Livelihood & Regulation of Street Vending) Act 2014 and the Street Vendors scheme that is being notified by Delhi Government.

Enforcement Department also deals with management and operations of parking lots in NDMC area. The parking lots are managed by DIMTS and under Bhagidari by Market Traders Association/Institutions against the Annual licence fee. Parking lots identified and categorised are allotted for two years through tenders under parking policy.

Enforcement Department also regulates advertisement by way of hoardings/banners in its area.

Following permission and services are provided by the Enforcement Department

Sr. No.

Service Name

Time for approvals


Approval for hoardings etc. for temporary function

Not allowed in NDMC area except for Govt. sponsored functions in Public interest. Permission are granted to Govt. Deptt. on written request within 2 days  subject to observing guidelines of Hon’ble Supreme Court and permission from traffic police.


  1. Allotment of parking for long duration 1 to 2 years.


  1. Allotment of parking lot for 3 months/short term subject to availability of unallotted/ cancelled parking lots

Within 15 days of the date of opening tender/ receipt of offer.




Removal of encroachments

Encroachments by unauthorized squatters are removed immediately.

Other encroachments of pucca nature within 72 hours and in case police assistance are required, then immediately on getting police assistance


Release of seized items/goods/vehicles


a) Belonging to unauthorized squatter.

Within 2 days of application which is to be made within 15 days of Seizure, failing which goods may be auctioned by NDMC. In case of perishable goods they are to be claimed on the same day of seizure on receipt of application, failing which goods are destroyed.


Immediately after paying removal charges.

Cycle Rickshaw (Passenger)

Release not permitted once confiscated.


Cartridge Rickshaw

Release permitted after imposing fine/penalty.


Change of trade.

Change of trade from non-licensable items to non-licensable items is allowed in open tehbazari only.


Request for transfer of Tehbazari/Taxibooth/CRT/Tharas/stall on Legal heir basis

30 days after completion all codal formalities.


Temporary Parking for buses   

within 3 days of application on charges Rs.99 per sq ft. P.M. maximum temporary permission is for 30 days at a time