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The Fire Department was created in NDMC in the year 1987 for maintenance and operation of the inbuilt fire fighting system in NDMC high rise buildings. The Fire Department provides fire extinguishers of different types in all its buildings. Besides, fire extinguishers, the high rise buildings have been provided with latest fire fighting technology and fire fighting system. Fire Department has established 36 Fire Control Rooms in NDMC area to give effective fire safety cover to lives and property of the users of various buildings. These control rooms are manned round the clock (24 x 7) by trained Fire Personnel to tackle any untoward incident.


Besides the facilities/ services available with the department, the NDMC has established a Disaster Management Centre at Humayun Road, New Delhi on the pattern of MHA’s Disaster Management Control Room and Police Control Room which is equipped with upgraded tools and equipments to tackle disasters and with provision of Hot Line connected to Police Control Room and Central Control Room of Palika Kendra which is further connected to Delhi Fire Service’s and Delhi Police Control Rooms.


All the Fire Control Rooms established in various high rise and special buildings of N.D.M.C. are manned round the clock by trained fire personnel. These Control Rooms are inter-connected with the Wireless Communication network of the N.D.M.C. and also inter-connected with the Disaster Management Control Room of NDMC.

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