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Citizens who intend to purchase property in NDMC are advised to have ' no dues certificate ' from the Commercial Department of NDMC for electricity & water dues in order to avoid inconvenience.


The landlords are advised to ask their tenants to obtain 'no dues certificate' for electricity & water dues while vacating the premises.


Consumers of electricity and water supply are advised to make payment on or before the due date to avoid levy of surcharge as applicable by DERC per month and disconnection supply.


Energy Conservation


The electricity is precious. Every unit of energy saved in additional unit of energy generated. So it is expected from the citizens that they may conserve electricity in their own interest as well as in the interest of the nation. A few tips in this regard are as under:-




Put on the light/fan/coolers/ACs only when required. Use natural light wherever possible.


Don’t keep the light/ fan/ coolers/ ACs ‘ON’ when not in use.

Use LED Lamps/ Electronic Tubes etc in place of fluorescent tubes/ compact fluorescent lamps/ incandescent lamps etc.


Avoid using incandescent lamps as these draw considerably higher power than LED/ CFL/ Fluorescent tubes.

Use ordinary signboards fitted with fluorescent tubes.


Don't use Neon Signboards, as the electricity consumption of such signboard is about 10 times higher than ordinary fluorescent tube fitted signboard/LEDs.

Use right capacity capacitors with the induction motors of 5 HP & more capacity.


Don’t run the induction motors of 5 HP & above without right capacity of the capacitors. It will increase the energy consumption/ bill also.

Use separate control for each light/fan so that the same could be used optionally.


Don’t put the light/ fans in group control. This will load to wastage of energy & higher billings as well.

Use only fan or coolers in the peak hours in the evening


Don't use air-conditioners at peak hours in the evening.

Use LPG/PNG for cooking instead of electric heaters/hot-plate etc.


Don't use electric heaters for cooking purpose, as it is costly in comparison to LPG/PNG.

Keep the electric wiring in proper condition.


Don’t connect the load higher than the sanctioned limit, otherwise 30% MDI surcharges are leviable as per DERC Regulations.

Use the connected load strictly within sanctioned limit.


Don’t use the domestic connection for non-domestic purpose, otherwise non-domestic/ commercial tariff alongwith 100% misuse charges are chargeable as per DERC Regulations.

Use the electricity connection for the premises only for which it is sanctioned.


Don’t extend the electricity to the other premises, otherwise non-domestic/ commercial tariff along with 100% misuse charges are chargeable as per DERC Regulations.


Don’t keep the electrical wiring loose causing spark & heating. It can cause fire.

Generally there are complaints of inflated electricity bills but on verification it has been found that consumers are using heavy duty appliances i.e. geysers, heat convectors, heaters, electric iron, hot plates, ovens etc. Consumers are advised to use these appliances sparingly to minimize their energy consumption. If these appliances are uses for 4 hours a day per month expenses will be for air conditioner (1.5 tonnes) Rs. 1500/-, Geyser (storage type) Rs. 800/-, Geyser (Instant) Rs. 1500/- Single Hot Plate/ Electric Iron Rs. 600/-, Heat Convector Rs. 600-1000/- and Electric Oven Rs. 1200/-.

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