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Complaints of Billing/Working of Meters

In case of excessive billing/under-billing/wrong billing, a complaint along with copy/ copies of electricity bill/bills should be sent to Asst. Commercial Officer at Shaheed Bhagat Singh Place, Gole Market.


Consumers can meet officers of Commercial Department between 11.00 AM to 1.00 PM and 3PM to 4.30 PM on working days.


The bills will be checked and rectified, if required, within one/two weeks.


In case bills need amendment/correction, the "due date" will be extended suitably.

Report/request for defective Electric meter/change of meter should be made to AEE (Meters) along with copy of electricity bill. The meter will be replaced within 5 days.

In case C.T./P.T. becomes defective the consumer should procure the same and get it tested from the testing workshop at H.C.Mathur Lane with in one/two weeks to aprotected void provisional billing for long periods.

   In case the consumer is not satisfied with the functioning of electricity meter, he can get it tested by depositing following charges.


Single phase LT meter

Rs. 50/-

For any clarifications contact AEE (Meters) (North/South) at Room No 102, Shahid Bhagat Singh Palace, Gole Market New Delhi.


Poly-phase LT meter

Rs. 250/-


C-T operated poly-phase LT meter

Rs. 300/-

For any clarifications contact AEE(Meters) at H.C.Mathur Lane,New Delhi.


HT meter

Rs. 2000/-


Water Meter

Rs. 100/-

For any clarifications contact Water Supply Division

The meter will be tested and results communicated to consumer with in 30 days.

In case of defective meters, the bills shall be raised on provisional basis and the consumers are advised to pay the same to aprotected void surcharge @1.5% per months and disconnection of electricity supply.

Assessment of billing due to defective meter will be made after watching consumption on replaced meter for corresponding period of subsequent year. The quantity of units so finalized will be intimated to consumer within 15 days. Credit or debit will be reflected in next bill.

In case the tariff is not charged correctly, or if there is some mistake in calculations, the bill along with the request should be sent to Assistant Secretary (Rates)/A.O. (B). The bill will be returned after correction within two weeks. Due date for payment in such cases will be extended suitably.

In case there are arrears of electricity/water bills and consumer is unable to pay in lump Sum, he may request for payment in installments. However surcharge will be levied on balance amount @ 1.5% p.m. Request for payment in installments not more than 3(Three) should be made through an application (along with original bill) to Sr. Accounts Officer (B)/Executive Engineer (Commercial)/Director (Commercial). Request for installments will be disposed off within one week of receipt of application.

In case government official wishes to get electricity/water meter disconnected on account of superannuation or change of accommodation or transfer, he should make a request at least 3 days before date of disconnection. Application should be made in the prescribed form, available at the counter at 1st floor Room No.93, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Palace, Gole Market. The application should be accompanied by following documents :-


Undertaking in prescribed format


Future postal address and telephone No./ Nos

   Up to date current bill will be issued within 3 days for making the payment, through Demand Draft which should be shown to Superintendent (Connection & Disconnection) after payment. The disconnection slip shall be issued by Supdt. (C&D) there after.

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