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Roles & Responsibilities

The role of fire services is very crucial in any emergency. In fact, in the developed world, fire services are not only employed for firefighting but also for rescue operations as emergency services.

It is pertinent that the fire service can play major role in responding to disasters and can act as multi-hazard response team. This will be achieved by providing required manpower, training and infrastructure resources to fire services.

The Service is expected to focus on fighting fires. Since then the role of the Fire Service has changed a great deal.

Some of the key responsibilities of Fire Service:

i.    Extinguishing fires/Attending fire calls in NDMC area.

ii.    Protecting life and property in the event of fires in NDMC area.

iii.    Rescuing and protecting people in the event of any disaster, traffic collision, and rescuing and protecting people, animals, birds etc. in the event of other emergencies. 

iv.    Carrying out rescue operations, rehabilitation and safeguarding of humans, animals and birds in the event of any disaster, calamity or wherever required. 

v.    Identifying and foresee any risk of fire and any rescue related requirements that may likely to occur and preparedness for the same along with the available tools and equipments. 

vi.    Servicing the community with full devotion, due diligence and commitment.

vii.    Be accountable to communities for the service provides.

viii.    Ensuring that its officers and employees are trained for disaster management.

ix.    Ensuring that resources related to disaster management are so maintained as to be readily available for use in the event of any threatening disaster situation or disaster.

x.    To ensure that all new construction projects fulfills the life safety requirements as per the laid down standards and specifications.  

xi.    Providing estimates of the Fire Fighting System requirements for the composite work and ensuring its provision and compliance.

xii.    Promote Fire Safety and educating the public, school students, staffs, residents, office bearers etc. through demonstration & mock drills regarding the usage of fire fighting equipments, Dos & Dont’s in case of any disaster. 

xiii.    Carry out relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction activities in the affected area in accordance with the approved Disaster Plan and in coordination with other inter and intra departments.

xiv.    Promote Fire Safety; and  

xv.    Dealing with any other kind of specific emergencies such as flood and defining how the role of the Fire Service may be utilized by further upgrading skills, tools and equipments in the future. 

For implementation of the above, Fire Department NDMC has taken following initiatives:

I.    Established 36 Fire Control Rooms to give effective fire safety cover to the lives and property of the users of various NDMC Buildings. These control rooms are manned round the clock (24 x 7) by trained Fire Personnel to tackle any untoward incident.

II.    As per direction/guidelines from the Govt. of NCT. of Delhi, Fire prevention and fire safety measures have been provided in all the NDMC schools, buildings. NOC (fire safety clearance certificate) has already been obtained in all the schools. Training to the teachers and students with regard to fire safety and self defense are being imparted in all schools.

III.    Conducting Mock Drills every month in the NDMC Schools and in NDMC Buildings &  area regarding fire safety measures and methods to handle/ evacuate in emergency situations.

IV.    Installed Fire Extinguishers in NDMC Buildings

V.    Time to time up-gradation of Fire Fighting System and Fire Alarm System

VI.    Training of Personnel of Fire Department

VII.    Training of Fire Safety of Schools, Offices, Market Association etc. and citizens of NDMC area.

Besides above, NDMC has also established a Disaster Management  Centre at Humayun Road, New Delhi under the overall control of Fire Department of NDMC on the pattern of MHA’s Disaster Management Control Room and Police Control Room which is equipped with upgraded tools and equipments to tackle disasters and with provision of Hot Line connected to Police Control Room and Central Control Room of Palika Kendra which is further connected to Delhi Fire Service’s and Delhi Police Control Rooms.