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  1. Participation in Rahgiri at Connaught Place every Sunday and ensure safety & security of participants.
  2. Promotion of SWACH BHARAT ABHIYAAN.
  3. Provide Security personnel to remove unauthorized Hawkers/Vendors/Encroachment from NDMC area.
  4. Security audit of all sensitive NDMC buildings.
  5.  Security Mock drill to avoid any untoward incidents.
  6. To impart training to security personnel.
  7. Liaison with Para Military Forces for improvement in training.
  8. Lectures on Disaster Management.
  9. To boost the morale of Security personnel.
  10. Capacity building among security personnel.
  11. A carrier progression management practice course is being implemented.
  12. Develop a mechanism to ensure the attendance system of security personnel.
  13. Leave Plan has been prepared for the security personnel to avail leave timely.
  14. Police verification of security personnel deployed by Private Security Agencies and Security Guards of NDMC.
  15. Liaison with Delhi Police and solve the long pending issues of NDMC.  Now Delhi Police and NDMC personnel are working smoothly and in friendly manner.  A new sense of brotherhood has been created among NDMC staffs, Delhi Police & other sister agencies.
  16. To ensure timely payment to all security personnel of NDMC as well as private security agency.
  17. Provided new Security Equipments to all the security personnel of NDMC area.
  18. Modernisation of security deployment of NDMC.
  19. To interact with the security personnel of NDMC and private security guards deployed in NDMC area to reduce stress.
  20. Round the clock checking of security personnel in NDMC area.
  21. A special squad of security personnel has been made to stop any theft or to prevent any untoward incident in NDMC buildings/area.
  22. Regular Interaction Meeting with Market/ Hotel/Hawker & Vendors Association regarding safety and security.
  23. Round the clock checking & briefing of residents to create sense of security.
  24.  Security Check up visit of crowded places to create sense of security.
  25. Sentry Box/Porta Cabin –With help of the CE (Civil) and Civil Department, many Sentry Box/Porta Cabin are being installed at Palika Kendra, NDCC Phase-II and Chanakyapuri and for remaining locations.
  26. Modern techniques of better Man Management programme being implemented to release stress and ensure welfare of the Security Guards of NDMC.