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Transfer of Allotments

Transfer of allotment is made as per policies/resolutions of NDMC.

Transfer is allowed in following cases on merits :


Partnership :

Partnership is allowed after enhancement of license fee at rates fixed by Council from time to time.


Transfer in favour of legal heir :

A unit may be transferred to legal heir after the death of an allottee or on his request subject to documentary evidence.


Change of trades :

Shops and other units are allotted for specific set of trade. However an allottee can apply for change of trade any time. This change would be allowed as per rules.


Renewal of license of shops/commercial units :


The application for renewal must reach within the time stipulated as per terms and conditions i.e. 60 days before the date of expiry of present license. An affidavit is required that there is no violation of the terms and conditions is of the present license.


Renewal of license in case of shops, stalls, kiosks, tharas, office space/units and restaurants may be allowed for a period of ten years on year to year basis subject to enhancement in license fee @ 10% per annum and as may be fixed by the council from time to time.  


a) Shops/Markets: - Palika Place, Palika Bazaar and Palika Bhawan's license fee freezed w.e.f. 1-9-2000 to 1-9-2007.


b) Non-renewal of licence in time will attract damage charged @ 30% of the licence fee.


Renewal of license for office spaces :

Renewal of licence in case of office spaces may be allowed for a period of 10 years on year to year basis subject to enhancement of licence fee @ 10% per annum.


Clubbing of shops :

Clubbing of stalls & kiosks would not be allowed. Any commercial premise on the right of way is a stall/kiosk.

Clubbing of shops/stalls in market complexes may be permitted subject to enhancement in license fee by 30% in respect of each unit involved in the clubbing. There may not be any limit to the number of units that can be clubbed subject to technical feasibility or structural safety.


Payment of licence fee :

Licence fee can be paid in cash upto Rs. 500/- and above Rs. 500/- through account payee Cheque/DD/PO drawn in favour of Secretary, NDMC, by 10th of every month at cash collection counter against demand bill at Palika Kendra, New Delhi. Late payment of licence fee will attract interest and other penal action.


Redressal of Grievances :

Director (Estate) hears grievances between 3.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m. in his office.