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Fresh Health License

Procedure For Licencing:–

1. Application forms will be available from room no. 1015, 10 th floor Palika Kendra, and Palika Suvidha Kendra, Palika Bhawan, Netaji Nagar between 9 AM TO 1P.M.on all working days. These forms can be downloaded from NDMC web site also.

2. Forms duly filled along with all required papers may be submitted at above said places and time.

3. Deficiencies in application or establishment will be communicated to the individual if noticed during the inspection of the officials

4. The licence will be granted/renewed within one month of the deposition of the form if all the requirements are fulfilled.

5. Licence will be issued for 3 years w.e.f.1-4-2005

Licence fee to be deposited in respect of various trades and item are as follows :-

The Rates of processing fee shall be as under:-

a) U/s 327 - Rs. 500.00

  1. U/s 330 - Rs. 250.00
  2. U/s 331 -
    Stalls,Kiosks - Rs. 250.00
     Restaurant - Rs. 1000.00
    Hotels - Rs. 1000.00
    5 Stars Hotel - Rs. 5000.00
  3. U/s 332 - Rs. 1000.00

The above Processing fee shallbe for one time i.e at the time of grant of licenses.

b) For renewal of license, the processing fee shall be Rs. 100/- only under all section.

The approved licence fee rates for various trades are as follows:-
In respect of Section 325 of the Act for a licence for use of any premises for the sale of flesh, fish etc. intended for human consumption, the fee may be sanctioned by the Council at maximum of Rs. 500/- a year.
In respect of permissions to be granted and the licence to be issued U/S 327, the Act provides that the fee shall not exceed Rs. 500/-, As such fee for section 327 may be prescribed at a maximum of Rs. 500/-
The licence for hawing is used u/s 330. Case of hawkers are being considered in the Vending Committe and the licence fee from the hawkers who are covered by the directions of the Superme Court in the case of Sudhir Madan V/S MCD abd others shall be fixed as per the scheme framed by the Council under the direction of the Supreme Court.

As regards the annual licence fee for the hawking on cycles etc. licence fee may be sanctioned at the maximum, suggested hereunder:-

(i) Hawing on cycle for un-cut fruits & vegitable etc. Rs. 1000/-
(ii) For each of the water trolley Rs. 1000/-
(iii) For sale of ice-cream on the trolley (per trolley) Rs. 1000/-
(iv) For chef cart Rs. 5000/-
(v) Vengis Rs. 1000/-

The fixation of licence fee for (i),(ii) and (v) has been kept in abeyance.


Eating Houses:- 
The licence is to be issued for the items covered by Section 331. 
The annual licence fee may be sanctioned at a maximum as under:-


Annual Fees in Rupees

Stall/Kioks (only where permission of Director of Estate available) Rs. 500/-
DMS / Mother dairy Booth Rs. 250/-
Lodging House (up to 20 Bed) Rs. 2000/-
Hostel/Guest House (20 to 50 Bed) Rs. 5000/-
Boarding House (50 to 100 Bed) Rs. 10,000/-
(above 100 Bed) Rs. 20,000/-
(Five Star) Rs. 50,00/-
Tea Shop Rs. 500/-
Coffee Shop (upto seat of 50) Rs. 5000/-
Cafe (upto seat of 50) Rs. 5000/-
Restaurant (More than 50 seats) Rs. 10,000/-
Sweet meat shop Rs. 1000/-
Office canteens Rs. 1000/-
Any other licence to be issued under Section 331 of the Act and not covered by the above list Rs. 5000/-

Licence for each restaurant/ cafe/ coffee shop etc. has to be taken separately and shall not be included in licence of Hotel etc.


The licence fee U/S 332 for Cinema House, Circus etc. being used by the public may be sanctioned under :-
Theatre Rs. 1000/-
Circus Rs. 1000/-
Cinema House Rs. 5000/-
Dancing Hall Rs. 5000/- (in hotels)
Clubs Rs. 5000/-
Gyms Rs. 1000/-

Sale of meat & poultary product


List of Traders

1. Baking
2. Cinematograph films,
3. Shooting of Cinemnatograph film by any process whatsoever,
4. Treating of Chillies or masala or corn or seeds, Grinding of by mechanical means
5. Cloth, yarn or leather in indigo or in other colours, Dyeing or printing of
6. Cloth or yarn Bleaching
7. Eating house or a catering establishment,
8. Keeping of Grain Parching
9. Ground nut-seeds, tamarind seeds or any other seeds, Parching
10. Hair dressing saloon or a barber’s shop. Keeping of a Hides or skins, whether raw or dried.
11. Tanning, pressing or packing Laundry shop,
12. Leather goods,
13. Manufacturing of by mechanical means
14. Litho press
15. Lodging house.
16. Metal, Casting
17. Precious metals, Refining or or recovering of them from embroideries.
18. Printing press.
19. Sweetmeat shop except in premises already licensed as an eating house.
20. Carrying on the trade or business of or any operation connected with the trade of-
  1. Autocar or autocycle servicing or repairing.
  2. Blacksmithy
  3. Coppersmithy
  4. Electroplating
  5. Glass beveling
  6. Glass cutting
  7. Glass Polishing
  8. Goldsmithy
  9. Marble cutting, grinding, dressing or polishing.
  10. Metal(ferrous or non-ferrous or antimony but excluding previous metal)cutting or treating metal by hammering, drilling pressing filling, polishing, heating or by any other process whatever or assembling parts of metal.
  11. Photography studio
  12. Radio (wireless receiving set) selling, repairing, servicing or manufacturing.
  13. Silversmithy.
  14. Spinning or weaving cotton, silk, art silk, or jute or wool with the aid of power.
  15. Stone grinding, cutting, dressing or polishing.
  16. Timber or wood sawing or cutting by mechanical or electrical power.
  17. Tinsmithy.
  18. Washerman's trade.
  19. Welding of metal by electric, gas or any process whatsoever.

21. Manufacturing. Parching, packing, pressing, cleaning, cleansing, boiling, melting, grinding or preparing by any process whatever any of the following articles.-

  1. Aerated Water
  2. Bakelite goods.
  3. Bidis (indigenous cigareets),snuff, cigars or cigarettes.
  4. Bitumen.
  5. Blasting powder.
  6. Bones.
  7. Bricks or tiles by hand power.
  8. Bricks or tiles by mechanical power.
  9. Brushes.
  10. Candles.
  11. Catgut.
  12. Celluloid or celluloid goods.
  13. Cement concrete designs or modles.
  14. Charcoal.
  15. Chemical.
  16. Cinematograph films stripping in connection with any trade.
  17. Cosmetics or toilet goods.
  18. Cotton, cotton refuse, cotton waste, cotton yarn, silk, silk yarn, silk inclusive of waste yarn, art silk, art silk waste, art silk yarn wool or woolen refuse or waste.
  19. Cotton seeds.
  20. Dammar.
  21. Dynamite.
  22. Fat
  23. Fireworks
  24. Flax.
  25. Ink for printing, writing, stamping etc.
  26. Gas
  27. Ghee
  28. Glass or glass articles
  29. Gunpowder
  30. Hemp
  31. Ice(including dry ice)
  32. Insecticide or disinfectants.
  33. Leather cloth or rexine cloth or water proof cloth.
  34. Lime.
  35. Linseed oil.
  36. Matches for lighting(including Bengal matches).
  37. Mattresses and pillows.
  38. Offal.
  39. Oil cloth.
  40. Oil other than petroleum(either by mechanical power or by hand power or ghani driven by bullock or any other animal), Pharmaceutical or medical products.
  41. Rubbers or rubber goods.
  42. Paints.
  43. Paper or cardboard.
  44. Pickers from hides.
  45. Pitch.
  46. Plastic goods.
  47. Pottery by hand power.
  48. Pottery by mechanical or any power other than hand power.
  49. Sanitary ware or china ware.
  50. Soap.
  51. Sugar
  52. Sweetmeat and confectionery goods.
  53. Tallow
  54. Tar.
  55. Varnishes.
  56. Wooden furniture, boxes, barrels, khokas, or other articles of wood or of plywood or sandalwood.

Part-11- Articles which may not be stored in any premises without a licence.

Asafoetida., Ashes, Bamboos, Bidi leaves, Blasting powder, Blood, Bones, bone meal or bone powder. Champhor, Carbide of Calcium,Cardboards, Celluloid or celluloid goods, Charcoal, Chemicals, liquid, Chemicals, non-liquid, Chillies, Chlorate mixture, Cinematograph films-non inflammable or acetate or safety base, Clother in pressed bales or boras, Clother or clothes of cotton wool, silk art silk, etc. Coal, Coconut fibre, Coke, Compound gas, such as oxygen gas, hydrogen gas, nitrogen gas, carbon dioxide gas, sulphur dioxide gas, chlorine gas, acetylene gas etc. Copra, Cotton including kahok surgical cotton and silky cotton, Coton refuse or waste or cotton yarn refuse or waste, Cotton seed, Detonators,Dry leaves, Dynamite, Explosive paint such as nitro-cellulose paint, lacquer paint, enamel paint etc., Fat, Felt, Fines, Firewood, Fireworks, Fish(dried), Flax, Fulminate, Fulminate4 of silver, Gelatine, Gelignite, Grass, Gun-cotton, Gunpowder, Gunny Bags, Hair, Hay or fodder, Hemp, Hessin cloth(gunny bag cloth Hides(dried) Hides(raw) Hoofs, Horns, Incense or ease, Jute, Khokas, boxes barrels, furniture or ay other articles of wood , Lacquer, Leather, Matches for lighting ( including Bengal matches), Methylated spirit, denatured spirit or French polish, Netro compound\, Netro cellulose, Netro glycerine, Netro mixture Offal, Oil other than petroleum, Oilseeds, including almonds, but excluding cottong seeds, Oil paper or waste paper including old newspaper, periodicals, magazines, etc. Packing stuff paper cuttings, husk, saw dust etc, Paints, Paper other than old paper in pressed bales or loose or in reams., Petroleum, other than dangerious petroleum as defined in the Petroleum Act, 1934, Phosphorus, Plastic or plastic goods, Plywood, Rags, including small pieces or cutting of cloth, hessian cloth, gunny bags, cloth, silk, art silk or woolen cloth. , Rosin or dammar Battar, otherwise known as Ral, Safety fuses, fog signals, cartridges etc, Saltpetre, Sandalwood, Silk waste, or silk yarn waste, art silk waste, or art silk yarn waste, Sisal fibre, Skins raw or dries, Straw, Sulphur, Tallow, Tar, pitch, dammar or bitumen, Tarpauline, Thinner, Timber, Turpentine, Varnish, Wool (raw), Yarn other than waste yarn.