Application form prescribed under the Rules regulating the grant of advance to Central Government servants for building etc. of houses.


            Adopted by the Council vide Resolution No. 34 dated 30-4-1971 for the grant of advance to the Municipal Servants.


1.      Name (in block letters)_____________________________In ______________________________

2.      Post held (i) Permanent ____________________________In _______________________________

(ii) Temporary_____________________________________In_____________________________

(iii) Length of service on the date of application________________________________________

3.      Present pay as defined in Rule 4 (b) ___________________________________________________

      Scale of pay________________________________________________________________________

4.      Whet her governed by Pension Rule___________________________________________________

5.      Date of Birth ______________________________________________________________________

6.      Date of Retirement_________________________________________________________________

7.      Amount of Provident Fund/any other advance final withdrawal taken of purchase of land/construction (An attested copy of the sanction to be enclosed________________________

8.      If advance is needed for purchase of a plot and/or for construction of a new house, please give the following information:-




With address



Is it clearly demarcated/


Approx. area (In  Sq. Mtrs.)

(a) Cost

(b) Amount actually paid

If not purchased when proposed to be acquired

Unexpired portion of lease if not free hold




















Floor wise area

To be constructed



Amount of advance required(for Construction/

Land both.

No. of instalments for repayment




















9.                  If Advance is Required for-Enlarging the Existing House, Please State:






(in sq. mtrs.)

Plinth area proposed for

Enlargement (in sq. mtrs.)

Cost of Construction

Acquisition of existing house

Cost of proposed enlarge ment

Total Plinth area

( 1 plus 2)

Total cost (3 plus 4)

Amount of adv. required

No. of Instal-ment for repay-ment















Note:-If the enlargement is proposed on any floor other than ground floor, a Certificate from an approved Engineer to the effect that foundation of the existing structure can safely take the load of the load of the proposed enlargement, should be enclosed.


10.  If Advance is Required for purchasing a Ready Built House/ Flat, Please state:








When Cone




The Agency from whom to be purchased


(a)  Already paid

(b)  To be paid

Amount of advance required

No of instalment for repayment























11.              If you or any Dependent of your Family already owns a house, please state:







 (floor wise)

Present fair market value

Reason for acquiring

another house or

enlarging the

 existing house














12.              Have you enclosed (a) the relevant construction plan approved by the Municipal authority concerned and (b) detailed construction estimates based on Central/State P.W.D Scheduled prevailing in the area corrected as per relevant cost of index duly signed by qualified Engineer.




1.      I solemnly declare that the information furnished by me in reply to the various items indicated above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.


2.                  I have read the rules regulating the grant of advances to Central Government servants for purchase of land and purchase/construction of building etc. adopt ed by the Council  for application to the Municipal employees and agree to the abide by the terms and conditions stipulated therein.




3.                  I certify that:-


(a)               my wife/husband is not a Central Government servants/my wife/husband/who is a Central Government servant has not applied for and/or obtained and advance under these rules.


(b)               Neither I nor my wife/husband/minor child has applied for and/or obtained any loan or advance for acquisition of a house in the past from any Government source (e.g. Ministry of Rehabilitation or under any Central or State Housing Scheme).



(c)                The construction of the house for which he advance has been applied for, has not yet been commenced.



Station___________________                                      Signature of the Applicant____________


                                                                          Employee Code No__________________






I have scrutinised the application of Shri/ Smt./ Km._________________ _______    Designation ____________________________in terms of Rules (9) (b) of the Rules and have satisfied myself of the correctness of  the facts etc. stated therein. My recommendations are as following:-

(i)                 Amount to be approved.

(ii)               No. of instalments.

(iii)             Interest.

(iv)             Amount of gratuity/ death-cum-retirement gratuity due on the date of his superannuation.

(v)               Amount of monthly deduction  (reference Rule (b).

§   Certified that the amount of monthly deduction suggested at (v) above falls within the paying capacity of the applicant.


I have satisfied myself that the applicant has got/will get a clear unencumbered title to the property.


Application along with a copy of the sanctioned Plan, detailed estimates, specifications, etc. Is forwarded herewith. The provision of rule 2 (b) of the Rules may also be relaxed as a special case.


Dated_______________________                            Signature_____________________


Name and full address of the                                    Designation___________________

Department _________________________________________







Diary No.



1.                  Approximate estimated of the part/full construction/enlargement of the proposed house shall be Rs.___________________ as per specifications.








2.                  The applicant will/ will not construct the following portion of the house.


Housing III Section

(i)  50 month pay                                                        Rs.

(ii) Ceiling amount permissible for construction       Rs.

(iii) Construction cost assessed by Civil                   Rs.

      Engineering Deptt. of N.D.M.C

(IV) Entitled amount                                      Rs.

(v) Amount of G.P Fund withdrawal and/or   Rs.

     Any other advance to be adjusted

(vi)  Advance which can be approved                        Rs.

(vii) Amount recommended by the                            Rs.

        Head of Department

(viii) Amount to be approved                         Rs.

(ix) Date of superannuation                                       :

(x) Expected date of starting recovery                     :

(xi) No of monthly instalments                                  :

(xii) Interest                                                               :

(xiii) Total amount recoverable                                 Rs.

(xiv) Gratuity adjustable (80% or 90%)                   Rs.

(xv) Balance recoverable                                          Rs.

(xvi) Rate of monthly recovery                                 Rs.

         Including component of interest


An advance of Rs.________________________ (Rupees______________________________________

______________________ only) may be approved in relaxation of Rules 4 (b) of House Building Advance Rules.


A draft is placed below.


Director (Accounts)



Sanctioned an advance of Rs._______________(Rupees__________________________________ only) recoverable in ____________instalments of  Rs. ________________________ each and last instalment of Rs.______________ The in interest at the rate of ________________per annum be recovered in further____________________________ equal monthly instalments. The balance be adjusted as per terms of the advance, against the gratuity death-cum-retirement admissible to the applicant.

The advance be disbursed in lump sum/ Instalments as under:-

1.                  Rs._________________- after execution of the Mortgage deed of the plot in favour of the Council

2.      Rs.__________________after the construction of his house reached upto the plinth level.

3.      Rs.__________________ after the construction of his house reaches upto the roof level.

4.      Rs. __________________ after the roof on first is laid.

5.      On production of demand letter/ Schedule of payment in the case of Co-op Group Housing Society.



Director (Accounts)                                                                                                   Chairperson/ President