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Application Procedures

Permanent/Temporary Electricity Connection

Prescribed application form will be available.

Information/Facilitation Counter at Palika Kendra and at the Office of Executive Engineer (Distribution), Palika Kendra, on all working days between 10.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m.
For North of Rajpath-Room No. 1813, Palika Kendra
For South of Rajpath-Kidwai Nagar (West). The forms shall be available on the NDMC Website also.

Applications for electric connection will be received.

In the Office of the Executive Engineer (Distribution) Palika Kendra for North of Rajpath and at Kidwai Nagar (West) for South of Rajpath.


Acknowledgement of receipt of application form with requisite documents will be issued.

Within 3 days.
Scrutiny of Application form.
Within 15 days of application.
Information about deficiencies in application form.
Within 20 days of application.
Sanction of load by NDMC/Competent authority.

Within 30 days of submission of form complete in all respects and after completion of formalities.

Estimate for providing service cable and meter board and its sanction.

15 days after sanction of load.
Execution of work of providing meter board and service cable in the premises of the consumers.

Within 45 days of the deposit of amount.

Release of connection.

Within 15 days of submission of agreement form and deposit of security amount and completion of all formalities.

Policy for sanction of Electric Connections

1. For New Connections :

The applicant shall furnish an application on the prescribed form alongwith following documents.:-

Proof of legal occupancy like House Tax, Lease deed etc. in case applicant is an owner & Rent receipt/NOC from Landlord in case of tenant or any other authentic documentary proof of depositing the rent with the Landlord/Govt. Agency.
Copy of latest paid bill or NOC of the Com. Deptt. if the premises was earlier electrified through sanctioned electric connection.
NOC from the Co-owners if the property is in the Joint names.
In case of new building, copy of completion plan and completion certificate.
In case of buildings where completion plans/certificate are not available, an affidavit shall be taken that "No unauthorized construction has been made in the premises" and Rs. 1000/- per KW or part thereof shall be charged extra where completion certificate has not been issued as per Resolution No. 1 dated 18/3/99.
In case of NDMC license premises where consumer is paying damage charges, NOC of Director (Estate) may be submitted.
We may not insist for Health License. However, the applicant shall have to confirm on an affidavit that in case the electric connection is to be used for a licensable trade, he will obtain the necessary NOC/License from the competent authority.
Proof of permanent address of the consumer.
PAN no. and Bank Account No. (copy of proof).
Undertaking on stamp paper that he will regularly pay the bills and in case of failure NDMC may disconnect electricity and may take all possible action as per law for recovery of dues including disconnection of electricity of other premises of the consumer.

2.Transfer of Electric Connection:

Same as in the case of new connections as above.

However in case the applicant furnishes an affidavit that the applicant is legal heir, the electric connection shall be sanctioned. However in case of any Court order against the said connection the same shall be applicable. The connection can be given in the name of new legal occupant of the premises with the same category of the connection which was originally given after taking an undertaking from the applicant that electricity connection shall be used for the purpose for which it was originally sanctioned and all the dues of the said electricity connection shall be cleared. This is without prejudice to the rights of the NDMC to take action against misuse noticed subsequent to the transfer of electric connection.

3.For Additional Load
In case of authentic individual registered consumer:
The load may be sanctioned on submission of last paid bill by the applicant.
In case of companies:
On submission of last paid bill and a copy of resolution authorizing the person to sign the documents.
4.Temporary electric connections:- The electric connection required for limited period such as for construction purpose, marriages, functions, exhibitions, fairs, parties, minor repairs and watch & ward and religious functions etc. is being sanctioned as per policy. Under special circumstances where the competent authority allows for specific period and purpose the temporary connection shall be considered to all such cases with the approval of the competent authority.

As regards the payment of outstanding dues, the requirement of NOC from Commercial Department shall be continued in case the applicant does not submit the latest paid bills. The applicant shall have to clear the dues of the previous occupants as may be intimated by the Commercial Department.

However, in case of applicants of NDMC shops or Govt. of India (Estate Department), the new applicant shall not be responsible for clearing the old dues. However Director (Commercial) may take timely action so that the dues are not accumulated.

NB-1:- The following clause shall be mentioned in the sanction letter:-

"Sanction of electricity connection shall not confer any legal right for regularization of building/land use and the electricity supply shall be liable for disconnection and removal of meter and service lines without notice from NDMC where the Govt. or the concerned competent Govt. Agency such as NDMC, DDA etc. conveys immediate action for sealing/demolition/vacation of premises/land to discharge their statutory obligation".

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