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Vigilance Organisatinal set up in the New Delhi Municipal Council

 Director (Vigilance) under the CVO, NDMC.

The CVO is primarily responsible for the enforcement of anti corruption measures in the NDMC and of the instructions/ guidance issued by the Central Vigilance Commission, New Delhi for the maintenance of integrity in the public services.

As per the provisions envisaged in the Vigilance Manual, the petitions/complaints/source reports sent by the Central Vigilance Commission/CBI and Directorate of Vigilance, Govt. of NCT, Delhi are examined with due care at the level of senior officers of the organization & wherever required are sent to the Director (Vigilance) for enquiry. If a prima facie case is made out, appropriate action, either disciplinary or legal proceedings are initiated against the charged NDMC servant with the approval of the Competent Authority and with the advice of the Central Vigilance Commission, as the case may be.

Organizational Set up
CVO  1
Director Vigilance  1
Jt. Director  1
Deputy Director 2
S.O  5
Investigation Officers  4
Dealing with the complaints

The following are the nature of complaints received in this department.

  1. Signed complaints
  2. Anonymous complaints
  3. Pseudonymous complaints
  4. Source information

The complaints viz. Signed/Anonymous/pseudonymous complaint/source informations received in this department are usually processed and submitted to the Chief Vigilance Officer for orders. Further course of action is taken based on the verifiable nature of the complaint and on the orders of the Chief Vigilance Officer.

The public can meet the CVO/Director (Vigilance) directly or can contact them on their office telephones bearing No.23745636 and 41500699 respectively.

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