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     The Enforcement Department deals with removal of unauthorized encroachment on the NDMC/Govt. land in its area. In addition to this, hoarding, banners, cycle-rickshaws, stray cattle and unauthorised parking of vehicles on municipal land are also removed.

     The allotments made as rehabilitation measure on tehbazari basis are regulated as per policy of the Council. The allotments/renewal/transfer in respect of stalls, kiosks, pan tharas, vegetable tharas, mochi, tharas, cycle repair tharas, telephone booths, taxi booths, barber shops and press tharas, etc. are regulated in terms of NDMC approved policies.

     Parking lots identified and categorised are allotted for one year by call of tenders through Newspapers. Now identified and uncategorized and cancelled parking lots are allotted for 3 months/short term by call of short notice quotations till these are allotted for two years on tender basis.

    Permissions to use India Gate Park, Lodhi Garden Nehru Park and other spaces are dealt with in the Department. Talkatora Garden park behind Shenshah Restaurant is transferred to Horticulture Department. Film shooting permissions are allowed subject to NOC from local police.


Approval for banners, posters etc. for temporary function

Not allowed in NDMC area.


a) Allotment of parking lot for one year
b) Allotment of parking lot for 3 months/short term.

Within 30 days of the date of opening tender.
Within 7 days of opening of quotations.


Removal of encroachments

Encroachments by unauthorized squatters are removed immediately.

Other encroachments of pucca nature within 72 hours and in case police assistance are required, then immediately on getting police assistance.


Release of seized items/goods/vehicles


Belonging to unauthorized squatter.

After 15 days.



Immediately after paying removal charges.


Cycle Rickshaw

Release not permitted.


Catching of stray cattle

Immediately on detection.


Catching of monkeys

Action initiated immediately on receipt of complaint/information.


Change of trade in rehabilitation unit.

Change of trade from non-licensable items to non-licensable items is allowed in open tehbazari only.


Request for transfer of rehabilitation units on Legal heir basis

60 days.

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Advertisement Tax is assessed and amount recovered under provisions of NDMC Act.  


In all there are 98 Taxi Booths, both wooden and masonry. Further allotment of taxi booths has been banned by the NDMC as a policy decision.  


In all there are 50 stalls allotted to Thareja verified squatters in NDMC area.  


Till 1998 there were 6 telephone booths allotted to physically handicapped persons as rehabilitation measure at nominal fee. In the year 1999, 17 more booths were constructed and allotted to physically disabled persons by draw of lots from the applications names responded against Public Notice.  


Barring apart the allotments made by VC Chaturvedi Committee to 761 verified squatters, there are 189 tehbazari permission holders to run non-licensable trades at the approved rates and approved sites.  


Any unauthorised squatter brought to the notice of Director (Enforcement), Secretary and Chairperson through written/verbal complaints is removed from the site. Any encroachment made by the allottees/occupants of tehbazari, tharas, shops, kiosks, stalls etc. whether belonging to the NDMC or otherwise is also removed. No licensable/eatable trade is permissible by open tehbazari permission holders as per orders of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India.  


Putting up of hoardings has been banned under the orders of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India.  


Only one board is permissible to be displayed at the site of any establishment. For putting any additional board, prior written permission be obtained from the Chairman, NDMC as provided under section 89 of the NDMC Act.  


Stray cattle are strictly banned in NDMC area. General public may bring it to the notice of Director (Enforcement) or Secretary and action would be taken as per provisions in the NDMC Act.  


Plying of cycle rickshaws in the NDMC area is banned. On noticing any person-using rickshaw the same would be removed and shall be crushed.


Animal driven vehicles are banned in the entire NDMC area.  


For handling of monkey menace in the NDMC area, a monkey trapping squad has been deployed. Complaints pertaining to monkey menace may be brought to the notice in writing or telephonically giving full details of the locality.  


Under Section 327 (1) of NDMC Act, 1994, no person is allowed to use their premises in the areas of Sarojini Nagar, Pillanji Village, Brig. Hoshiar Singh Marg, and Chanakyapuri for the purposes, which is dangerous to life, health or property or likely to create a nuisance. Keeping horses, cattle or other quadruped animals or birds for transportation, sale or hire or for the sale of the produce thereof. Violating this, the belongings found abandoned and roaming on any street or public place in the NDMC area are liable to be seized and impounded. The cost of the seizure of such animals and their impounding/removal/feeding will be recoverable from owners.  

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