Pre-Bid meeting for PPP project for the Collection and Transportation of Municipal Solid Waste in Entire NDMC Area has been scheduled on 17.04.2014 at 11.00 AM






     In the case of multi-storied building which have already electrified by providing electric connections on the basis of TOC at the initial stage, elect. Connection is being sanctioned without asking for completion certificate of the building in such cases. However the said elect. Connections are subject to final decision of High Court case pending regarding requirement of completion of building. Also Rs. 1000/- per K.W. is charged in such cases for the release of connections. This is as per decisions taken vide Resolution No. 1 dated 18-03-1999.

     Incase of old building where electric connections are requested further, in case of report of any unauthorized construction is not received within the period of 30 days form Architect Department, NDMC and the electric connection is sanctioned provided on all formalities are completed on the basis of the indemnity Bond taken for the same. This is also in the light of the decision taken for the Resolution No. 1 dated 18-03-1999.

     In case of temporary connection for marriage purposes security amount can be deposited by way of Bank Draft along with application form. After disconnection of temporary connection, on payment of actual charges of consumption consumers can get draft refunded immediately.

    For temporary connection for religious places applicant has to submit certificate from area MLA stating that the religious place is in existence prior to 31-03-1993.

      An undertakings on Rs. 2/- stamp paper for payment of outstanding electricity bill if found in future for existing old connections of electricity in the said premises is taken for payment of arrears of electricity dues if any.

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